Technology is changing faster than ever…

…stay up to speed with RS.

You already know about our massive product range, but did you know we add 5,000 new products every month? So if you want to get your hands on exciting innovations before your competitors, look out for our new products.

One of the most dynamic technology sectors right now is the Internet of Things. As weightless technology evolves and the limits of M2M connectivity are pushed outwards, a whole new world of opportunity is opening up. At RS, we’re putting ourselves at the forefront of this revolution – bringing you the products and components that will
help you design and produce smart objects and embedded devices that connect seamlessly in tomorrow’s Internet of Everything.

LED lighting is another area that’s seen incredible advances in technology. It’s changing the way we light our homes and workplaces, creating a brighter, cleaner future for everyone. We stock a massive range of state-of-the-art LED lights from leading manufacturers, plus hundreds of great value RS products.

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